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The wait is over… check your inbox
The wait is over… check your inbox
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While Akooda’s mission is delivering the right data, to the right people in the right format - there are situations where exporting information to a spreadsheet is helpful.

Over the past few months, as we’ve worked to extend the limits of the digital footprint processed by Akooda and the post-processed insights, we've noticed users requesting larger and larger exports. Since we prepared the export "in-band," the browser has to wait until the file is ready - which can be frustrating at times.

Now the Akooda table exports, regardless of size, are prepared behind the scenes and delivered straight to your inbox in CSV format. To find the export function head to the directory list pages and click on the respective button to kickoff the process in the background.

More enhancements are coming up, such as notifying you in-app when the export is ready and sending the file as a time-restricted link. However, if you want to get the most out of the raw Akooda data, ask your CSM about the Akooda data APIs.

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