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Exciting News: Introducing the Tags Directory!
Exciting News: Introducing the Tags Directory!
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We've got something awesome to share – our brand new Tags Directory feature is here to revolutionize the way you collaborate and stay in the know!

Discover Your Company's Expertise

Ever wondered who the go-to person is for a particular topic within your organization? With our Tags Directory, you can now easily locate the experts and thought leaders in any field or subject matter. No more hunting down emails or scouring through long threads. It's all about connecting with the right people effortlessly.

Unearth Past Collaborations Across Apps

Have you ever needed to track down previous work on a project across various apps and platforms? The Tags Directory has you covered. Uncover all the previous work, discussions, and insights related to any project, seamlessly spanning across all your connected apps. It's like having a virtual time machine for your work history!

Prepare for your meeting in seconds

Have an important client meeting coming up and want to come prepared? The Tags Directory enables you to streamline your preparation process. Just select the meeting topic you want to know more about, and watch as Akooda’s AI engine instantly summarizes the latest and greatest information, giving you a comprehensive overview in seconds.

Akooda is committed to making your work life simpler, more productive, and efficient. The Tags Directory is just one of the many ways we're empowering you to navigate the complexity of modern work and collaboration.

Ready to supercharge your productivity? Head over to the Tags Directory now.

Got questions or feedback? We're all ears! Reach out to our support team anytime, and let us know how the Tags Directory is making your work life easier.

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