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Good old reliable interactions drawer
Good old reliable interactions drawer
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Today we’re giving another boost to a key design pattern in Akooda - the interactions drawer.

There are many fans of the Interactions Drawer, which surfaces the bits of knowledge your company generates every day - and always in the context of what you just selected. A few months ago, it got a new GenAI superpower - recapping the table entries as short, digestible text.

And with that, grew its fan base by a magnitude - with one main demand: show it consistently across the entire app, including in the Feed.

With the latest system update, we deliver on this request. We too believe consistency is key to operational efficiency - also in operating Akooda. We will continue to roll out more interactivity to the interactions drawer in every place within the platform that is relevant.

Got a request? We’d love to hear it! Reach out to our team with the deets.

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